Law Firm Management

The Best Article Ever Written (by me) About Retiring from Law Firms

Let’s say that a partner at a law firm has been there for quite a while and is getting older, a situation in which I once found myself.

And let’s say that the partner is done with working lots and lots of hours and wants out. Perhaps the partner has become tired or has had a health scare or no longer deals with stress as well as he or she or they once did or finally realizes that there is more to life, or whatever.

Work/Life Balance

Working To Be Relevant

I first met Lauren when he was a partner in a large Buffalo law firm which had a significant cross-border practice with an office in Toronto.  Lauren practiced business law, although by the time that I met him he was spending a great deal of time on business development.  His job involved significant travel between Buffalo and Toronto.  Lauren was also quite active in an international legal association and travelled internationally as well.