Mentoring By Murray

Murray is available to mentor lawyers in Business Law, or more generally in practice management. His recent and current mentees include law students looking for help to find their way in the profession, young lawyers dealing with business law problems or considering their career options, senior lawyers relocating their practices, and established and successful lawyers striving to balance the demands on their time.

Murray has a five tier pricing model:

  1. For law students or new lawyers who are starting out and cannot afford to pay, free.
  2. For law students or new lawyers who are somewhat established and can afford to pay, $100.00 per hour plus HST.
  3. For lawyers who can well afford to pay $350.00 per hour but like me are cheap and want to pay less, $200.00 per hour plus HST.
  4. For established lawyers who are profitable and making a decent living, $350.00 per hour plus HST.
  5. For lawyers who are committed to value pricing and abhor hourly billing, One Million Dollars.

(Murray will take your word for which category you fit into.)

Feel free to contact Murray by email,, to discuss.