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Murray striding in a suit

Murray Gottheil

Having (more or less) survived the legal profession with my physical and mental health intact, I write about lawyers and law firms from the safety of retirement, usually with a healthy dose of cynicism and an attempt at humour.

I try to shed light on systemic issues which impact the family relationships, physical and mental health, and happiness of lawyers, with a view toward helping law students and lawyers take control of their careers.

I also write about other issues of interest to lawyers and law students, such as marketing and legal tech.

I also teach business law and mentor young lawyers about their career path, relating to partners, developing a client base, and how to approach substantive legal problems.

I can also be a sounding board for experienced lawyers who need an experienced and objective person with whom to discuss significant decisions pertaining to their firms such as admission of partners, changing practice areas, or managing Associates.

Finally, I am available to speak on business law issues, law firm cultures, successful retirement, and many other issues pertaining to the practice of law.

For those of you who just need a laugh, check out the heading “Fluff” in the Blog.

There are even a few substantive articles in the Blog under the heading “Substantive Legal Content.”

Look Who’s Talking (Spoiler: It’s me)

June 24, 2024 – Record video for Rainmaker Pillar series on Confidence with Jennifer Gillman (U.S.)

June 26, 2024 – Guest Lecture at Trent University on Contracts (Cda)

July 10, 2024 – LinkedIn Live Event with Betty Whittaker ( U.K.) on Retirement

July 17, 2024 – Guest Lecture at Trent University on Shareholder Disputes (Cda)

July 18, 2024 – Sonder Union Podcast with Owen McGrann (U.S.)

September 6, 2024 – Speaking at the Georgia State Bar Association 5th Annual Wellbeing and Practical Skills Institute on the topic of mental health in the legal profession (U.S.)

November 26, 2024 – Guest Lecture on Transitioning to Retirement at Wake Forest University School of Law (U.S.)