I am ever so grateful to have had Murray Gottheil as instructor of the ILCO Business Law Fellowship course I just completed. Murray made corporate law most interesting and intriguing with real life situations and fun made up scenarios as well to help experienced corporate law clerks become even better at their jobs, and thus more valuable employees. When Murray spoke, I learned from practically every sentence, as he has much to offer. Murray’s class was something I looked forward to. Thank you again Murray for making me feel comfortable and confident to learn and ask many questions, all of which were answered.

Catherine Pal, Compliance Officer/Assistant Corporate Secretary,
Legacy Private Trust, Toronto

I am the COO for the law firm of Pallett Valo LLP. I have been with Pallett Valo LLP for over 20 years. I have known Murray Gottheil for more than 20 years. Murray has many talents in that he was one of the firm’s best at business development and providing exceptional client service and in addition, he was a leader in training and mentoring many of our clerks and associates. I worked for Murray Gottheil when he was the managing partner of the firm. I have also worked with Murray to put in place an exceptional training program for our lawyers and clerks. This training series provides a fundamental view of how business operates and the legal aspects that work hand in hand with this operation. What is unique about his training series is that it helps the participants see the big picture of business and apply the law in creative ways to assist our clients. It also helps the participants learn how to identify business development opportunities when working with clients or potential clients. I would highly recommend Murray in the role of mentor, trainer and coach.

Frances Wales, COO Pallett Valo LLP

In addition to Murray’s expertise in the area of corporate law, he is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. I was lucky enough to take part in his Business Basics course and encourage any lawyer or clerk to do so. Whether you are experienced or new to the practice of corporate law you will undoubtedly walk away from the course with a stronger foundation, as well as greater insight into the practical considerations of corporate law and serving your clients. Murray’s sense of humour and conversational teaching style make the course interesting and allow participants to easily ask questions to get the most out of the course. As a mentor, Murray provides exceptional advice not only on the law, but also on the industry and achieving your career goals. I have benefited immensely from Murray’s mentorship and teaching and would encourage anyone working in the field of corporate law to seek him out.

Katherine Trigiani, Barrister and Solicitor

I had the pleasure to work with and be mentored by Murray Gottheil for over 30+ years of Murray’s practice.  Murray’s attention to detail and his ability to see the big picture lends itself to invaluable teaching moments and I am grateful for every one that I received the benefit of.  I am able to apply a wide range of those teachings to this day!

Mindy Dodds, Law Clerk

Murray has been a tremendous mentor to me over the years, first as a formal mentor while in private practice and now that we’ve both moved on, as an informal mentor. Murray is a seasoned corporate lawyer with exceptional drafting and negotiating skills, but what sets him apart is his ability to look at a problem, quickly analyze it, cut through the unnecessary details and get to the heart of the issue to find the solution best suited to the client and the circumstances. These skills apply to legal issues, issues faced more generally in the business world and personal issues. Combine those skills with real-life experience and you have a mentor who understands the challenges you’re facing and who actually helps you work through them, whether work-related or not. I am grateful for his support and guidance throughout the years.

Olivia Gismondi, Barrister and Solicitor

Murray’s mentorship throughout my time as a summer student, articling student, and junior associate has been invaluable to my professional development:  he can be credited for much of the foundational knowledge I have about business law.  His insightful application of the law to real life scenarios and his Socratic teaching method will test your ability to think critically, broaden your knowledge, and produce effective results for your clients.  Murray’s Business Basics course is an approachable and entertaining introduction to key business law concepts that I believe can be applied to all areas of law.  If you are looking for someone who will challenge you to be the best lawyer or law clerk you can be, I 100% recommend Murray Gottheil!

Marissa Mah, Barrister and Solicitor

I was fortunate enough to benefit from working alongside Murray during my career and our Firm continues to have him provide courses and seminars on business law and the practice of law to our associates.  Murray’s courses and seminars are insightful, practical and entertaining.  He teaches not only the technical elements of business law, but also how to deal with the non-legal issues that are often more difficult for young lawyers to navigate

Matthew Kindree, Barrister and Solicitor