Murray The Wannabe Feminist

Men Talking About Moms at the Partnership Table

Those of you who do not attend partners meetings may not know that a common agenda item is why the associates are not working hard enough.

And those of you who follow the statistics are aware that only 25% of partners in Canadian law firms are female. This means that the problem is primarily defined by men, who identify the mothers of young children as part of the problem.  Which indeed they are since they often undertake a disproportionate share of the childcare responsibilities and have less time to bill hours.

Firm Culture

Has the Legal Profession ‘Souled’ Out?

Back in the day, the practice of law was considered to be a profession first, and a business second.  Over the years, there was a great deal of talk about how lawyers had to recognize that the practice of law was also a business, and to become more business-like in their approach.  I expect that this had a lot to do with some combination of law firms becoming less profitable and law partners, like many in the corporate sector, becoming greedier.