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Somebody Hates Chat GPT

The more seditious and outrageous stuff that I write usually originates in my own tiny little brain. 

Occasionally the creative spark comes from another lawyer. This is one of those times. 

This particular lawyer sent me a rant about Chat GPT which I have edited slightly. For context, this lawyer’s firm loves Chat GPT, and this particular lawyer does not, but they have to pretend that they do so as not to anger the Partner Gods. They would rather go uncredited because they don’t want to be fired.

Legal Tech

Enough Chatter About Chat GPT: Time to Move on Up

So, so much chatter about Chat GPT. I believe some of it. I think that some of it is nonsense.

Here is the bottom line:

  1. Lawyers did not go out of business when computers were invented and we lost all of those hours reviewing draft after draft of retyped documents.
  2. We were still able to generate enough billable hours, even after we became able to produce documents faster with document automation software.
  3. Online legal databases did not replace articling students and junior associates.