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The Importance of Asking The Right Questions

This is a true story, even though it may not sound like one.

Chris was a law partner who joined a new firm.  Two of his new partners were named Angela and Martin.

Soon after Chris joined the firm, Angela cancelled out of a promotional ski trip, leaving a gap to be filled. So Martin invited Chris to the event and mentioned that he could use the hotel room that had been reserved for Angela.

But Chris said that there was no reason to pay for two hotel rooms, and he could share a room with Martin. Martin, not wanting to appear to be a spendthrift to his new partner, agreed that they might as well save the firm a few dollars. But first Martin warned Chris that he snored and asked Chris if that would bother him. Chris said that he slept soundly and was not concerned.

Then Martin asked Chris if he snored and Chris assured Martin that he did not. So, off they went.

It turned out that Chris snored like a truck backfiring the entire night and Martin got no sleep whatsoever.

In the morning, a groggy Martin asked Chris why he had said that he did not snore. Chris replied, “because I don’t snore.”

So Martin asked Chris if his wife had ever complained about him snoring. Chris confirmed that his wife complained all of the time.

Now Martin completed his cross-examination and asked Chris why, if his wife said that he snored, he had told Martin that he did not snore.

Chris replied, “because she’s wrong.”

Lawyers know that it is very important to ask the right questions on a timely basis. Sometimes we forget. And then we don’t sleep very well at night.

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