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New Year’s Resolutions for Lawyers… And Likely Outcomes

Yet another public service. Lawyers are busy people and often do not have the time to get to personal stuff, so I thought that I would help by providing a first rough draft of New Year’s Resolutions for you. Of course, feel free to use this as a precedent and edit for your personal circumstances.

Draft Resolutions Likely Outcomes
This year I will learn to say no to clients.“No. Of course it is not a problem to get that to you today.”   
This year I will keep weekends free for my family.“We are all one big happy family at the firm. Let’s have that Zoom meeting on Saturday morning.”
This year I will get all of my dockets in on time.“It’s Friday. Time to get Monday’s dockets in.”
This year I will get my bills out on time.“It’s March. Time to get my January bills out.”
This year I will treat my associates and support staff with respect.“With the greatest of respect, you all have to work harder.”
This year I will take care of my health.“After this deal is closed, I am definitely, absolutely for sure, maybe going to go to the gym.”
This year I am going to get retainers from all new clients.“You seem honest, big, and important, and I am so fortunate that you want to give me this file, so I will waive the retainer this time.”
This year I am going to insist that my retainers be replenished before I do more work.“Our deposit was $5,000.00. We have now done $15,000.00 of work. Would you be kind enough to start paying us $2,000 per month while we keep working and falling behind?”
This year I am going to write articles to promote business.“I asked my associate to do a first draft of the article, but I then loaded her up with so much billable work that she could not get to it. When she finally did the draft, I was too busy to look at it.”
This year I am going to give seminars to promote business.“It was really unrealistic to expect me to prepare for the seminar AND prepare a list of people to invite. All five people who showed up really seemed to like it.”
This year I am going to do my continuing professional development early in the year and get it over with.“Does anyone know about a good CPD program between Christmas and the end of the year?”
This year I am going to stop working for people who annoy me.“I am slow this week and having something to do is better than having nothing to do.”
This year I am going to stop wasting my time reading nonsense on LinkedIn.“I wonder what Murray has written lately.”

You may want to save these to use again next year.

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