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Just Sit Home and Eat Doritos

I was telling my wife about the recent post by Frank Ramos about LinkedIn having an AI product to help us write our posts. Those of you have followed me for a while know that I think that I am kind of smart, but I know for a fact that my wife, Maureen McKay, is way smarter than me. She has a great ability to look at a fact situation and see where things are going to end up. Here is her take on the use of AI to write posts:

  1. AI will write the posts.
  2. Then AI will comment on the posts.
  3. Eventually there will be a dispute and AI can sue the poster.
  4. AI will then defend the lawsuits.
  5. The rest of us can just sit back and eat Doritos.

While we are eating our Doritos, we can reflect on the irony of having a social media network designed to facilitate our computers getting to know each other by being vulnerable and authentic.

There you have it. All figured out. You are welcome.

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