Accountants: Stay in Your Lane

I like accountants a lot. Most of them.  But as for the others, here is something that I always wanted to say when I was practicing law but it seemed like a bad idea at the time while I was looking for referrals: Stay in your bloody lane!

Good accountants do accounting, tax, business consulting and some other stuff that relates to numbers (although the business valuators that I know to seem to think that the average accountant should keep their mouth shut about valuations.)

Bad accountants incorporate companies and draft letters of intent. Poorly. If it was up to me, I would report every last one of them for the unauthorized practice of law.

Did you ever see even a single lawyer prepare a financial statement? No, you didn’t.

I have lots of critical things to say about lawyers, but at least they usually try to practice only the profession for which they are licensed.

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